Board of Commisioners


Mr. Wijaya Lawrence, an Indonesian citizen and an entrepreneur, is the Executive Chairman and President of Wilton Resources Corporation Limited (“Wilton”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) and the President Commissioner of PT. Wilton Makmur Indonesia Tbk. (“WMI”) Being the founder of Wilton, Mr. Wijaya Lawrence is responsible for the strategic planning, overall management and operations of the Group.

In 2000, Mr. Wijaya Lawrence founded PT. Wilton Wahana Indonesia (“PT WWI”), which was involved in the business of trading in lighting products and electronics. In 2007, Mr. Wijaya Lawrence was also involved in the business of trading of various natural resources, such as zirconium, lead and coal, to several countries. In 2010, Mr. Wijaya Lawrence decided to cease the trading business of PT WWI and focus on the mining business of the Group.



Mr. Mohammad Raylan, an Indonesian citizen, is the Independent Commissioner of PT. Wilton Makmur Indonesia Tbk (“WMI”).

Mr. Mohammad Raylan is a former Director of Service Sector Corporate Finance Assessment in Financial Service Authority (Direktur PKPSJ-OJK) with almost 40 years of experience in regulating and supervising the Indonesian Capital Market. After retiring from OJK, Mr. Mohammad Raylan has joined various listed companies as Commissioner. Currently, he’s also active as part of the Audit Committee and Advisory Board of various companies.

Mr. Mohammad Raylan holds a Magister Management Degree from Universitas Satyagama.